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The Spirit of Ubuntu; *Spoken Word* An African Philosophy

Ubuntu allows us to understand that under the African Sun,
We have the ability to enjoy one culture just as much as another
To dance to Afro-beats, having never been to Western Africa,
To enjoy braai and chakalaka from Southern Africa,
Just as much as chapatti and nyama-choma from East Africa
To know that even with over 2,000 different languages and tribes,
Whether you are,
Kikuyu or Zulu,
Fulani or Swahili,

Tswana or Kamba,

We all have an underlying bond, so strong that our differences in culture only add to our shared identity


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Red Roses Letter 1: Dear Christian Guy who played mind games,

We are doing a month of letters for the month of love. Letters about real events by real people to people in their past, present, and future. All the letters are anonymously written and no names are mentioned. Read if you dare and see the truth behind how relationships fare.
Here is Red Roses Letter 1.

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A letter to my Flaws; #DefiningBeauty

Dear Flaws, Hi, my name is Shingai and even though you probably already know that I wanted to take the time to re-introduce myself to you To start this relationship anew, yet different from all the other times my heart broke into two because of you It is different this time, I am no longer …

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Writings on the Wall

Hello lovely people, it is monday and the last day of the month. You know what that calls for yes? Poetry! This is the last in the creative writing series by Demas for lover of words, please enjoy… LEST I sat at the harbor, swinging my feet over the deck. Long wisps of smoke tickled my …

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T.B.T Perfect Imperfections – The Original Blog Post

PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS You think you are not good enough so you hide behind the lie where you don’t realize That you are so much more on the inside The devil is a liar His aim is to hammer you self worth into a thin wire Soo corrupting your mind that you can’t even see the …

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Through My Eyes

To the lovers of the written word I present another special collection by Demas which just pulls at the Heartstrings in a way only a poet can. It does have some parts that are quite raw, but Enjoy. To the Most High I address My voice Barely louder than a Heartbeat, comes my request “Lord, …

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For all the Poetry Lovers out there, this is pure gold. I’m not the author and he asked me to use his pseudonym which is Demas, just spend some time this evening going through these poems I promise you will not regret it… Unseen Hands Unseen hands, unseen thoughts like unseen people that time forgot …

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Why I will not Tell my Daughter She is Beautiful

My friend shared this quote with me two days ago, and it touched my soul to its core. The message is so full of depth and in my opinion truth, that it is all I am going to share today… Nayyirah Waheed P.s Please follow me on BLOGLOVIN’ to get post updates, if you are a blogger …

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Somebody Tell CNN -Mkenya Halisi-

Somebody tell CNN This weekend president Obama is coming to our country! It has had a ripple effect among Kenyans with mostly positive reviews but I just want to share the funniest one I have seen so far. Yesterday I was watching the local news which had a response twitter segment #SomebodytellCNN; I found it …

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What is LoVe?

Guest Post LOVE Something that has been on my mind lately is love and basically WHAT IS LOVE? I listened to a Christian teaching recently and the speaker was saying how in the Greek language there are four different words used to explain love but in English there is only one, we use the same …

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