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Interview with a Photographer/ You-tuber/ D.J!

Interview Ian Kemama Yesterday I had the opportunity to interview an amazing guy I met through a mutual friend. He is an aspiring photographer, videographer, you-tuber, and –wait for it- D.J! You would never believe when you first meet him, that he is a jack of all trades mainly, because of the humility that he …

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Meaning in Music; Meeting Tori Kelly

AAAAAHHHHH today we have a special guest post from a long time bestie (Natalie Stravens) of mine because she got to go an see Tori Kelly perform and met her! Enjoy In the postmodern, over-sexualized society we live in today, it’s hard to find an artist that is wholesome as well as being, well, good. …

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Sifu Bwana Concert! KP10

My legs are sore. Yes, my legs are sore because today I got to attend the brilliant Sifu Bwana Kenya Music Project concert at Mamlaka Hill Chapel. I danced my but off but the most surprising thing is so did my 40+ year old mother like,  *love you mom* 😉 This was fundraising concert, celebrating …

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