We Will Rule! – Mwanga Interview

Hey fam! Today we have slightly different type of post…. A music band takeover if you will? It was an honour interviewing the minds behind this beautiful ministry, so without further a due please welcome… Teren teren…
Mwanga Band!!!

Who are you?
Mwanga is an independent worship team based in Nairobi, Kenya. Led by Charles Muchiri Maina, the band was formed in 2012 with a vision to touch heaven and impact the earth through our music ministry. Mwanga Band is made up of worship leaders and musicians who faithfully serve in their various churches every Sunday to facilitate this vision coming to life in their musical circles of influence.
What makes up Mwanga? And what are some of your previous accomplishments?
Mwanga Band is passionate about writing and recording their own music, and over the past three years, we have released an album: “God of Flavor” with a popular song: “Wewe ni mkuu” having numerous airplay on all leading Christian stations in the country, as well as “Mwangaza” and “Ndiwe”.
Apart from the musicians, Mwanga Band has a logistics team running the backend of the band, running the backend of the band-finances, photography, videography, logistics, bookings and schedules. The team is made up of seven.
You have a new album coming out? tell me about it?
Our latest project has been a live album project entitled: “We Will Rule” from Revelation 5:10 that calls us rulers, and an authority on earth by inheritance through Jesus Christ. This new album, shot in February this year, has inspired us to worship with a new sense of knowledge and understanding of who we are in, and through Christ for all that He did in His coming, ministry, death and resurrection.
What is your vision and mission?
Mwanga is passionate about reaching out to worship teams and the youth (the age between18-35) inspiring them to uphold excellence in their ministry (and all that they do) as we understand that this is an offering to the Lord.
Future events the readers should know about?
We will be launching our album in two phases: A Premiere at Planet Media Westgate on June 2nd from 6.30pm, and an Album Launch concert on June 5th, at Parklands Baptist Church from 36pm. The Premiere is a black-tie affair event, giving invited guests an opportunity to share with us the first experience of watching the live production for the first time, and pray and commission the album out for distribution and sale. The album launch concert following is to share the music from the album in a live feel, and ministering with us on at the Album Launch will be Shamsi Music (the band that has played in this project), KNEF (Kinyua Ngeera Education Foundation-a foundation raising money for children to go to school, who we have worked with in the recent past) and Ministry of Mouth (A Christian beat-boxing team who are long-time friends)
We would like for people to come join us at both events, to share the experience with us, and the ministry from the music so that they would be impacted to go out and rule their environments, with an understanding of their role as kings and priests through Christ. We would also like for people to come and hopefully be ambassadors of the project to all who could not attend any of the events.
Contact Information
Facebook: Mwanga
Twitter: @mwangaband
Instagram: Mwanga Band
Email: tangaza@mwangaband.co.ke
Website: http://www.mwangaband.co.ke
Telephone number: 0701-037143/0715-532268

Here is their newest upbeat, song that gets you dancing on your feet, definitely worth checking out… Watch Jenerali Official Music Video

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