Red Roses Letter 5; To the Gentleman I lost


To The Gentleman I lost:
Before I begin my letter, let me first state that no man I have loved till date has made me feel the way you made me feel when we were dating. No one treats me with so much respect and values me as much as you did. And for that I appreciate from the depths of my heart.
With you what we shared was true, and bound to last forever. I literally believed you were the husband that God had set aside for me. You matched most of the things I had on the list for qualities of a husband. And kissing? Sex? That was totally out of the question because you respected me and my body and vowed to not do anything until we both said I do.
I was so young when I met you, 17 to be precise. And you were ready to settle down and marry me even the following year but it was all so new for me.
Was I ready for marriage?
Was I going to be making the biggest mistake of my life?
But you were mature enough to make a decision to marry me after I was done with high-school and you  said you would sort out my finances for university. And as a young girl who always dreams for her prince charming to come and sweep her off her feet I knew my search was over.
But as I shared the news with my family, my mum wasn’t up for the idea. It broke my heart to know that if I continued this relationship I would lose my mom’s support. And even though we fight sometimes, I respected and loved her enough to make a decision based on her reaction. Sadly what we shared had to come to an end after one year, but it was painful and hard.
The hardest part was that you found someone else to replace me as soon as you could and it killed me.
Two years have passed and we talk, once in a while, but I miss you and wish we could forget the past, get back together, and have what we once shared.

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