Dear World; Let’s tackle the elephant in the room #Re-definingBeauty

A few months ago I came across this article that piqued my interest. A writer in the Daily Nation wrote an article with the first words being Dear Fat Women; Let’s tackle the Elephant in the Room. The article raised quite a stirring debate for a lot of people who read it. Some saying she said what needed to be said, while other fighting viciously for the sake of human decency.

After reading it, my honest reaction was utter disgust at the author’s method of writing and her outrageous opinions on what makes a woman lovable. It hit home especially because it was immediately after I wrote the  Letter to My Flaws piece that is incredibly real about my journey to re-defining beauty.  The response I got from that piece was amazing and made me realize more and more how so many of us struggle with this ideal of what beauty should be. So I set out to find out for myself if what she wrote held any water. This led me to the topic I chose for my end-semester English paper which was, “Defining Beauty in the African culture.”

Defining beauty3

Defining beauty4

The research I did on this led me to amazing discoveries which I will share in another post. The other experiment I did was get several of my friends with different physical features, characters, and body types to pose for a few shots. The timing was perfectly over recess when we got to travel to the Coast with two brilliant photographer friends of mine. *@Gry_sean and @Samuel_Kegode on Instagram*

The point of this photo-shoot was to show how beauty comes in such a diverse variety it is impossible for there to be one perfect ideal.

Defining beauty2

unnamed (3)

The curves are there to add femininity, the confidence instilled by the poses show a beauty that I could never capture in words.


Ashley Graham, one of my favorite people in the world said, “we need to work together to redefine the global vision of beauty and it starts with becoming your own role model.”

unnamed (1)

That means we have to train ourselves to see what we love in ourselves, and rock that. The secret that no body ever says out loud is that confidence is the definition of sexy. It’s not an opinion, or a thought, it’s a fact. The world feeds of our need to fit into a mold.

So dear world, here is my two cents. The truth is your unobtainable, photo-shopped, magazine cover, stunner really isn’t worth my time. When it comes to size, these girls show me that it doesn’t matter. We picked each other as friends because of their beautiful souls and intelligent minds not because they do or do not weigh more than 85kilos.

unnamed (4)


Dear world, do you know what the actual elephant in the room is? “If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think about how many industries would go out of business.”

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