Interview with A Fine Artiste #DefiningBeauty

The best way to start your weekend is by reading this Interview with Eva Chemngorem… A fine Artist defining beauty

A Work in Progress

A Work in Progress

When did you start drawing and how did you fall in love with it?

I did my first portrait when I was in year seven, which was in 2007. i remember the art teacher us was showing us how to portrait paint with grids. The truth is when I started I wasn’t very good, I actually wasn’t good at all and what people today see as talent in me was just a pursued interest in art.

As a visual artist you have to capture beauty and put it on the canvass in front of you, how do you do that?

The beauty in my art comes from its ability to make other people feel something. Personally, I believe it means nothing to have a piece that is just visually appealing. It has to make you sad, happy, mad, or feel some sort of emotion that helps you understand the meaning behind it.

What, or who, would you say are the easiest models to work with? are there models whose beauty are easier to capture than others?

Yes! Babies! The truth is no one can resist a cute kids with big, round eyes. They are frikin adorable! As an artist they are also easier to draw, because they have smooth clear skin. It is just new life without tired wrinkles, scars, or obvious pores which can be harder to draw.


I love that answer! Is there any form of inner beauty that comes out when you are drawing a portrait? Where is it most obvious? 

I definitely feel the eyes show off inner beauty. I often say you can easily get away with a bad portrait as long as the eyes are beautifully done, captivating the onlookers. They are incredibly mysterious and have a way of making your portraits come to life. As others have said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

What is your goal or purpose in doing portraits?

My ultimate goal is to capture reality on paper. I want to also build my name as a Kenyan artist and show, with pride in my national identity, what the corner of Africa has to offer. I was amazed that I got to experience a little bit of this when I won the DSTV Eutelsat Star Award for an African Design I had done. It was super exciting because my work literally got shot up into space on an actual Ariane Rocket in 2013.

How would you as a visual artist, define beauty in general?

Beauty to me is captured by emotions. As an artist, anything that strikes or portrays emotion is in its most simple form, beauty.

Any advice to beginner Fine Artists?

Keep Going! That’s about the only bit of advice I have to give. Too often I hear, “Oh I also used to draw but I just stopped.” Even though things don’t look quite right right now, keep going. It may some like a long journey but it is worth it because if you love it it will lead you to amazing places. Trust me!

The Joker will Joke

The Joker will Joke

Closing remarks…

For all the artists out there I really hope your medium drives you crazy! I hope you are obsessed and completely, irrevocably in love with it because then I know it will bring you success. On that note I do portraits *awkwardly smile*  Hit me up on Facebook, Eva Chemnogorem if you would like me to do one for you, or for any other inquiries.

This is Eva, she’s already advertised herself before I could do it for her lol, but her drawings honestly leave me in awe. Isn’t she Phenomenal?! You are welcome to Like, Follow and comment if you have anything to share…

*All the pictures of portraits displayed above are drawings done by Eva Chemnogeram.

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