Writings on the Wall

Hello lovely people, it is monday and the last day of the month. You know what that calls for yes? Poetry! This is the last in the creative writing series by Demas for lover of words, please enjoy…

I sat at the harbor,
swinging my feet over the deck.
Long wisps of smoke tickled my toes while
my skin bruised with
teeth-marks from the biting cold
The sun set afar. The long gnarly
fingernails of the sea held on to it
refusing to let it sink
as if life – depended on it.
I sat there
watching the green hue of the
dull sky contrast sharply with
the red stain the sun left
thought of you
somewhere –
thinking of me
My woman is like a fragrance present
yet intangible.
She envelopes my senses.
She fills my head
with thoughts of ‘the good old days’,
a nostalgic longing for the past yet hope
for the future.
Before I even see her,
I taste her,
Smell her,
sample the very essence of her soul.
My woman is like
a fragrance,
as invisibly as she wafted in,
She left.
Seven times
– in the back
by my peers, men of repute.
Scalpels dig deeper, cutting, slicing
Setting loose blood, tears, life,
Cutting my dependence on all maternal,
all carnal
Breaking the amniotic and ending my symbiotic
Tell me your secrets, whisper
them in my ear
Tell me your secrets, your weaknesses
and fears
In this place, with leaves for walls,
Our secret garden
-and oasis for lost souls.
I shall keep your confidence,
hoping you shall keep mine
In the knowledge that what keeps us
together isn’t our similar, rather,
different lives.
Tell me your secrets – even if I don’t respond to you
For my secrets are secrets
not just to you but
to me too.
dilute the dark air,
guiding the dead
A cold
wind blows and leaves shiver
as they fall
It is not a sad night
nor a happy one –
it is just a night to remember.
A night worth noting
it is the beginning of
nights that have no meaning.
I see you lying in bed
if we think of you
and even as you close your eyes
you smile –
as always –
bearing the weight of the world.
Fireflies shall guide you
covers you like cellulite
revealed only
to those you trust.
You are like a book:
Tough skin
and a long story to tell.
But you hide yourself
in the bottom shelf
to conceal your torn, dog-eared pages
Frequently used.
Let me restore you.
Let me,
iron them out and re-thread the spine.
Let me re-wax your cover
that others may judge you
as I have come to know you
I stand naked
in the bathroom, steam rolling down
my back –
before a mirror,
rehearsing our conversation.
I imagine your thoughts
create scenarios and give appropriate answers.
I know
I cannot come before you
I stand naked
because before you I am naked
-stripped of my gifts,
my guile
my charm.
Before you I am just me
– a boy with a dream
– a fearful man,
an empty soul.

Thank you guys for reading, it has been crazy the last two weeks because I am back to school, so I have been trying to figure out my schedule and all… I will be more frequent now that I have it down, in another news… I have a new series coming up in September, (which also happens to be my birthday month 🙂 stay tuned… As always follow me on Bloglovin HERE.

P.s these pieces are not my own…



  1. Great imagery and Happy Birthday in advance — my daughter is on the fourth!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank You so much, September babies are cool so your daughter is probably pretty amazing 😛


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