T.B.T Perfect Imperfections – The Original Blog Post

You think you are not good enough
so you hide behind the lie where you don’t realize
That you are so much more on the inside
The devil is a liar
His aim is to hammer you self worth into a thin wire
Soo corrupting your mind
that you can’t even see the signs
when he tells you, you cant play the lead to your own life story
In-fact you are just an extra watching other take the glory
So you end up playing the victim
Letting others determine
How you feel about yourself,
end up shrinking your inner self, to the size of an elf
Putrid and tiny
Because you don’t feel worthy?
Truth is, your giving the world a chance to feed on your insecurity
You start thinking, “but its not my fault I am not as amazingly talented as he or she is?”
Giving God the blame when you feel like a left over of His creation,
knowing you should be grateful in every situation
But how?
Sometimes its just easier to sit and sulk and let in self pity, for a cup of tea, with insecurity
And soon they end up controlling your life
Wasting every moment waiting on those moments in time
when someone will make you
feel more insignificant than you already do
Yet when it happened to Jesus,
when his friends turned their backs on Him,
and the rest of the world hated Him
Spat on Him
Despised Him, and
Crucified Him
He said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”
So now I say, “Father forgive me, and my self-pity. I need you!”
Number two weapon the devil will use is pride,
Sadly its a part of humanity, like vanity it gets worse and worse each day
Threatening to never go away
It nicks your pride to not be the best
If you cant be the most pretty, then at least you can be the most witty
and if you cant make others laugh, at least you can be the most tough,
and if being tough isn’t working, you can at least be the most hard working
and if the sleepless nights make you dizzy, you can at least be the most fun and easy
And when all that energy is wasted, and who you really are has faded
you will be the best at being the most exhausted
From all the people you tried to be
And when Jesus sees, with a tear in His eye He tells me
He created me to be me, just me…
Now after pride, self pity, and insecurity have run their course
leaving you at a complete loss
Don’t stay down,
because according to HIS Word you have the weapons to turn your own life around
Instead of hiding behind self-pity, claim your God give dignity
That is the crown of internal, eternal beauty that never fades…
Instead of the chains of pride,
settle for nothing less than pure confidence on the inside
Not some show where you are always the best, because your scared to be anything less
but to be so confident in who you are, in your own destiny
that you don’t need to try to be anyone else
because you know that you don’t deserve anything less
than the true you!
And last but not least, instead of insecurity
seek in God eternal security
Do not let the world tell you what you should do
Do not fall for its version of who you should be
Instead find in Christ your true identity
Before time He wrote your story
Better than any Lord of the rings, Hunger games, or Hobbit movie
*spoiler alert* you play the lead and He gets the glory…
I guess I will end by asking what you are probably thinking,
“So what is the trick to being happy with the person I was created to be?”
I think for me, it will have to be,
knowing that the one who created me,
wrote my destiny,
If He never makes mistakes, which am pretty sure He doesn’t since the world was created with
Just enough oxygen for us to breathe
Just enough Light for us to see  and
Just enough life for us to live
Then you and I were made individually with
Just enough talent for our own unique purpose
Just enough beauty to show of His artistry and
Just enough imperfections that He can show off His strength in our weakness, yes
We are His perfect imperfections…

I think one of my favorite pieces writing because it described what I was going through then, and still overcoming now. Let me know what you think, and please Follow me on Bloglovin’ HERE!

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  1. Great post. I know someone that could really use this today and I am going to share. 🙂

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