Fearless Fitness: From I.R to Personal Trainer!

I had the amazing chance to interview Sharon Cheruto Eshuchi, an amazing lady who studied I.R in university but is now a professional certified personal trainer. I love her story because it shows how your life can completely change direction from where you originally thought it was going and it is okay to study your passions. Read on to find out more about her and get a few secrets on losing weight and getting fit.
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You studied International Relations right? Yes, I studied IR at Liberty University in Virginia, USA.
That is super different from physical fitness, did you work in I.R at all? I have always worked in the IR field. Since college I have worked for several NGOs until 2014 ย when I left to pursue business.
For how long and what changed your course in life from that path to the one you are currently on?(6 years) I think over time, passions do change and in my case, that’s what happened. I still love IR and would still pursue consultancy work in it but it was time for a change then.
Why Fitness? Good question. I’m going to steal something my husband said here. ๐Ÿ™‚ He once told me that what if God wants to use you and you’re not healthy enough to carry out the task! That hit me really hard. I actually had started working out religiously after I got married. No reason there, I just woke up one day and thought hmm, its time I changed my lifestyle and intentionally exercise.
What are your goals, vision and mission with Fearless Fitness?

ย Fearless Fitness is a lifestyle of holistic health. It is an in-home personal training program designed specifically for women to enhance their physical and spiritual well-being. It’s not something that you will hardly find in a gym. My programs are personalized to fit your fitness needs and your current fitness level. I call it Boutique Personal Training because no two programs are the same – since no two women are the same.

Fearless was birthed out of my own life and is the story behind how I came to better health; spiritually and physically and my desire to share that with other women so that they can grow spiritually while they also develop the discipline of physical exercise. It’s helped me build a strong relationship with God by instilling the discipline I so desperately needed. People’s desire for fitness is built on vanity, rather than health. A majority of women then avoid and resent it because we are not all built to look like supermodels.ย It’s not about me getting my bikini bod. That’s not realistic and our society has wrong beliefs about what fitness and health are all about.

My husband has also been such an inspiration and a huge supporter of Fearless and being an entrepreneur himself running his own successful photography business, Enigma Images, he has instilled in me every valuable business lesson and is the first person I bounce ideas off of.
Health, fitness, losing weight, etc are some of the biggest things people struggle with; what are some basic, valuable tips that you can give anyone out there who has been on this roller coaster ride of trying to get their body to look like a super model’s on the cover of a magazine?
First of all, those super models work out for like 4-5 hours per day, have personal chefs and trainers and nutritionists! So let’s just start there. We all don’t have access to this and we have to do what works for us! The first thing I would say is that, your body is yours. Love it. Nourish it. Exercise it. But not out of wanting to look like a model but to just be healthier, the rest is a bonus. That’s the first thing I want people to understand. We also need to breakย the mentality people have about fitness. People tend to believe that you have to be worked to the bone to see results. That’s what I call the “No pain no gain” philosophy which doesn’t encourage people to want to be fit because it isn’t fun at all and in the long run, wears your body out more. In fact, there’s a wellness movement going on in the States to encourage the inactive population towards a better lifestyle because their approach using these skinny models on the covers of magazines to encourage people to workout has actually turned out to be a deterrent to working out and leading a healthier life. They’re now focusing on just helping people get started at their pace, in their own way in a simple way that is achievable. Make your goals realistic, attainable and simple for every workout. And HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!! that’s the key…do exercises that you enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Naomi Wambui

    Love it. Encouraging post


  2. So cool. I love how she followed her passion. I also love that she treats fitness with a holistic approach. Sounds like a great individualized program.


    • I know, she’s really cool about it and is a total inspiration when it comes to health and fitness… Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. asheli111

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing! Some people are so inspiring!


    • I know right! Thanks for stopping by… ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I love how truly real this post is. Thank you!!!


    • Glad it meant something to you, thank you for stopping by ๐Ÿ˜€



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