Somebody Tell CNN -Mkenya Halisi-

Somebody tell CNN

This weekend president Obama is coming to our country! It has had a ripple effect among Kenyans with mostly positive reviews but I just want to share the funniest one I have seen so far.

Yesterday I was watching the local news which had a response twitter segment #SomebodytellCNN; I found it very interesting and captivating. This was a response to the statement CNN made stating that Obama would soon be travelling to a –and I quote- “Hotbed of Terror”

In the global news game, it’s easy to make overstatements. World Views knows this all too well. Though, this report got Kenyans quickly defensive, initiating hundreds of people worldwide to participate in the #SomebodytellCNN movement on Twitter. I personally think it was uncalled for, and makes me feel like the West’s view on the rest of the world can be ignorant, because it does not account for the fact that we are people with brains as well When Al Qaida was all up in America’s business we were supportive in any way possible as a nation, though most Americans would not know that. I am sorry if this sounds offensive but I just want so stand up for my country. We may not be first world but we are part of the same world.

Yes we as a nation have suffered heartache in the form of terrorist attacks, (like literally every other nation in the world) over the last year especially but Kenya is still a nation that stands strong and proud. If anything it has brought us even closer together, with situations like people donating blood to strangers who need it, secret heroes rescuing the innocent without asking for credit, and pride in our nation.

I want to share a spoken word I wrote ages ago, but which is relevant today…


The color red, not for the blood we shed

But from the blood that runs through our veins from the tip of our toes to the top of our head

The shade of green only to mean that our land is blessed

So tell me why do we stress about whom speaking what tongue?

When peace should be the only song sung?

Black on our flag, the color of our skin

Has sometimes meant dark, or even sin

It is up to us to make it mean, pride in our nation

We are proud to be seen as a…

Home, Land, Country, Culture

Where diversity and unity strive for equality

So many adjectives besides the ones given

Explain who we are on this side of Heaven

We aim for pure bliss, meaning sometimes we miss

That what we need is peace, and not some mis-concepted form of this

This home, this land, this country, this culture

Our choice to make our voice heard above the noise of ignorance

Not to be cliché but just allow me to say,

We have the ability to change

Our home, our land, our country, our culture

We are what makes the difference in Kenya


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