Who are you to judge me?

I have been a little apprehensive about putting this piece up because I didn’t know what to expect in the reactions because it’s very honest and out there but I thought what is the point of writing if I am not completely open and honest about my own beliefs… So I was just thinking and having a little quiet time by myself the other day and this came to mind…

Who are you to judge me?

Who are you to judge me?

The silent question that resonates throughout this generation almost defining our civilization

The difference between wrong and right is no longer black and white

It is a matter of opinion, what you chose to say, hidden behind the neutral color grey

You can see the progression throughout history to the point that we are at today

It is called freedom of choice,

Freedom to choose my life partner

What gender he or she is really shouldn’t matter

As long as we are two consensual adults, you shouldn’t care what we do

So really to judge me, who are you?

It is called freedom of choice

Freedom to choose to sex before I marry, because I am really not in a hurry to settle down

Besides I have such a long way to go before I am buried,

And did you know that nearly eighty percent of Christians have sex before they are married?

So who are you to judge me?

It is called freedom of choice

Freedom to choose to kill the thing in my tummy

You don’t know my situation, I’m definitely not ready to be a mummy

It is a quick fix situation stuck in my side like a thorn

It technically isn’t even life until it is born

So I am not actually killing, just removing a potential future problem to society

So who are you to judge me?

It is called freedom of choice

Freedom to choose that ‘till death do us part’ was believable at the start

Until we stopped trying and grew apart

It’s too complicated to give it another shot, to keep trying is too hard we’d rather not

Just call it a day, sign the divorce papers and walk away

You’ve not been here so really who are you to judge me?

It’s called freedom

Freedom of speech

Don’t tell me I’m wrong to call you a b-word  that rhymes with witch

I’m just expressing myself when I say I f-ing hate every f-ing thing on this f-ing planet

Cussing and swearing are hardly that bad, four letter words are really just words

So for saying things like that, seriously? Who are you to judge me?

It is called freedom

Freedom to decide that I really wasn’t meant to be a girl

I hate dresses and princesses and things that twirl

I’ve always enjoyed roughing it and guy stuff like playing ball

The only difference between me and him is that I’m kind of small and probably not as tall

No I am not mentally sick, I was meant to have a dick

It’s simple and true, so who are you

To judge me?

It’s called freedom

Freedom to choose to sell my body each night to a different man until the dawn of light

Don’t look at me like I am a sad case

Have you seen the MAC designer make up on my face?

I can only afford to live like I do because I do what I do

Call me a slut, a prostitute if you want to

Truth is you probably sleep around to and the only difference between me and you is that I get paid for what I do

Besides I’m only using the assets your God gave me so really who are you to judge me?

It’s called freedom

Freedom to choose to masturbate or watch porn

I don’t even know why you think it is wrong?

It is my life and my body to do with what I want 

As long as it’s not affecting you in any way

Who are you to judge me?

It is called freedom 

Freedom to be young and free, to be the life of the party

Drinking to get drunk, smoking weed when I’m in a funk

You only live once right? I might as well enjoy the high

Screw you if you don’t understand why

Besides who the hell are you to judge me?

It is called freedom of religion

Freedom to explore other religions to check out mysticism and Buddha,

The Quran and Allah

Maybe even Re-incarnation, and obviously evolution over creation

Or to decide God isn’t who I want Him to be, He just doesn’t cut it for me

So He probably doesn’t exist

Who are you to judge me for what I believe?

It’s called freedom and I could go on but let me stop and tell you a story that my brother once told me

The details are a bit hazy but it is based on a true story

Four men got stuck on an island with no food, water, or anything to drink

After a few weeks the youngest of them, a seventeen year old, was deathly sick

Life was draining out of each one of them, from their lack of food near death stemmed

So the three older, stronger men came together to decide what must happen

In order for them to survive, one had to die

It was an exchange, one for three lives 

The logic was that the seventeen year old boy was dying anyway

So what difference did it make if they killed him that day?

So they took away his life and his flesh sustained them long enough that two days later

Out from the sea came a rescue party

Back home they were prosecuted by a judge to see

If they should be found guilty of murder or if the end truly justified the means

But who am I to judge them right?

I wasn’t there and I can’t possibly understand the desperate need to survive

I have no right to tell them it wasn’t right to take another human’s breath

To ultimately decide that they deserved life more than he did, causing death

Because if they hadn’t done what they did they wouldn’t have survived

Four instead of one would have died

So who am I to judge?

Judges 21:25, a verse in the Bible says, “And everyone did what was right in their own eyes.”

That is quickly becoming more and more the 21st century belief system at its core

It it called freedom of choice

Freedom to choose to make what is wrong seem alright, and to turn what is right into something that is viewed as unacceptably wrong

Freedom to choose to degrade the value of morals

To challenge any God-forsaken idea that there is such a thing as sin,

To question the notion that it is all up to one book to determine the difference between right and wrong

What right has it to judge me?

To be honest I am scared for my future children, and my heart breaks for every nation in this generation

Because instead of looking for the light we seem to be content walking around blind

Blindfolded, believing the lie that everything is relative

and rejecting anything that is contradicting to that statement

I only speak out not to judge but because I care,

Because I believe the reason He was stripped and slashed bare was for this

Wake up, can’t you see that He is offering you sight to see the difference between wrong and right?

Listen to my urgency, I speak because it is an emergency

Because if we lose our grasp on Him then we lose the very reason for the existence of humanity

That just seems so much worse than caring whether or not you judge me!



  1. Beautifully written.


  2. Kagundas, I write pieces sometimes and have to think if I’m ready to post this. I do think about people’s reactions about certain articles. Sometimes, you just have to put it out there. Thanks for sharing…


    • Thank you so much for the encouraging words, I’m definitely going to check out your blog now… 🙂


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