When Life Gives You…

Hey ya’al! So this last week has been a kind of crappy week for me, which is why I haven’t been consistent about posting. So I am sorry! What happened is I got really sick at the beginning of the week, had to go to hospital like twice before the doctor realized there was a parasite living inside my tummy. He also thought it could be a possible food allergy so I’m off dairy and gluten for a while, which sucks! *My brothers had Pizza today for lunch and I couldn’t have any* 😦

Then last night my head started hurting, like the whole right side of my head was in such excruciating pain I couldn’t sleep at all. I ended up going back to the hospital today morning, and the doctor said it is my sinuses acting up due to cold and dust. She gave me eye drops because my right eye keeps tearing up, a really strong pain killer and muscle relaxer because everything felt so tense. -A shout out to the person who invented those- they are miracle workers.

I may have six tablets to take every day for two weeks, then three for two weeks after that, I may be off anything made of milk and wheat (which I’ve come to realize is nearly every snack or food known to man! –okay maybe I exaggerate a little, but still…) And I may be having teardrops fall from my right eye as I write this post *it’s really creepy tearing up in only one eye by the way* but there are worse things that happen in life and I won’t let this get me down.

Sometimes in life things don’t go the way you plan them to, here’s a little something I wrote about it…

When life gives you…

When life gives you rain

As you let the stinging drops wash away your pain

Don’t slip in the mud and fall down

Stand up tall, and hold your ground

Embrace the cool breathe of fresh air

As you dance through the drops let loose your hair

When life gives you fear

Don’t get lost, become invisible, or disappear

Chose to not let it define your soul

Step out into the great unknown, trembling yet standing tall

Having faith that you will not fall

Hush, don’t make a sound

Listen and find that there are angels all around

When life gives you darkness

Only one thing will bring out the single brightest ray

Gently fall to your knees, hands folded and pray

For only then can you find the light that shines as bright as day

Only then can you find He who keeps all darkness at bay

When life gives you lemons

Squeeze the juice into a glass, head back and swallow it like a shot

Don’t be afraid to face head on what life’s got

Because fear will sit in the pit of your stomach like rot

Even as the sour taste makes you sway

Realize that if this is the worst that life’s got, you can face anything else it throws your way  

When life gives you tears

Emotion shimmering in your bright eyes

Wake up before dawn and look for the sunrise

Look at butterflies and realize,

This life has a purpose; can you see it around you?

From the laughter of children, to the after raindrops aroma that makes the ground smell new

When life gives you life

The good and the bad combined make a beautiful melody

Like the black and white piano keys

Enjoy every moment as if it was your last

As if it were a musical and you play the lead cast

And because there is always a reason for each season

Nothing in life will ever be a failure, but it can always be a lesson



  1. Wow I’m so sorry all this has been happening! I will be praying for you to feel better. Your attitude is so inspiring though, and it makes me want to have a better outlook on the hard things in life too. This poem was so beautiful- you really have a way of words. It’s so inspiring that you are so positive- I want to be more like that. May you feel better soon! Xoxo



    • Thank you so much, I’m glad you got something out of it… I’ve just checked out your blog too and it’s pretty darn cool 😀 I’mma follow…


  2. C.

    I hope you feel better! It’s so sad how much food is full of milk! You never really realise what ingredients are in your food until you can’t find any :(. Thank you so much for your post. Especially loved your poem!

    Liked by 1 person

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