Judge Thy Neighbor!

Hello…. My Precious! *said in the creepiest Gollum voice ever-shame on you if you don’t know who he is from Lord of the Rings*

The Deep Questions of Life…

So it’s a beautiful Monday evening and we are saying no to Monday blues! I just wanted to start your week off briefly with something that blew my mind yesterday. Yes, church blew my mind… 🙂

remember the post that I did about how Christians are sometimes super judgmental and that can lead people astray from God’s love instead of towards Him? You can find it here.. Ladyboys and Tattoos but sometimes I think that makes it kind of tricky to see where the lines are, they become blurred and skew our vision.

It was made more clear to me yesterday, Christians are called to judge… Now listen up before you start judging me of being judgmental no pun intended. When you actually read the word of God, He says, ‘don’t judge the speck in your brother’s eye before you remove the plank in your own eye so that you may see clearly enough to take out the speck in your brother’s eye.’ *Matt 7:3-5*

‘Judge not that ye will not be judged, for with the judgement you pronounce you will be judged and with the measure you use it, it will be measured to you.’  Matt 7:1-2

 He also says, ‘Do not JUDGE by appearances but JUDGE correctly’ John 7:24.

Basically these verses state that


  1. The real reason we don’t want to judge other people is because we don’t want to give them standards or permission to judge us. (Too much pressure to be righteous)
  2. You have to work on yourself (Don’t be a Hypocrite)
  3. Judge according to absolute truth (Judging Correctly)

There’s a statement I personally try to live by that I think Jesus found the perfect balance of. “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” When you think about the type of people He hang out with, they were prostitutes, tax collectors who were shamelessly traitors to the Israelite people, Liars, Murderers, etc.

Who knows, maybe if He was here today in person He would hang out with the Caitlyn Jenners of the world, but at the same time He was God, and God is perfect, and God does not condone sin. So he learned how to strike a balance. Like the adulterer who was caught in another man’s bed. Jesus said, “Let he who has no sin be the first one to cast a stone” (Don’t be a Hypocrite) yet after everyone left, he didn’t tell the chick okay they are all sinners so you are safe, go back to your old life… Instead He said, “Go and sin no more.”

He forgave her but he didn’t condone her sin. Just as we Christians should be so full of love of for people that we understand they can be forgiven of any mistake, but at the same time so longing to grow into the place of Holiness where God is that we understand sin is wrong and that’s a fact.

We shouldn’t be afraid to share our beliefs because we are scared that the world will judge us of judging them. If they are allowed to have an opinion, why shouldn’t we?

One of the biggest things is also working on yourself. Only make judgments when you are sure you don’t have a plank in your eye. At the end of his life Paul literally sent a letter telling the church to judge him as they would because he knew he was blameless in their sights. As we glorify God in our imperfections, we shouldn’t stop aiming for as close to completion as we can get. Give people no reason to find you a hypocrite. Take correction in humility when it is given.

Check out this blog  Why you shouldn’t say don’t judge me because my sin is different from yours

It’s all about finding the balance… What do you think about this subject?

Happy evening 🙂


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