Sifu Bwana Concert! KP10

My legs are sore.

Yes, my legs are sore because today I got to attend the brilliant Sifu Bwana Kenya Music Project concert at Mamlaka Hill Chapel. I danced my but off but the most surprising thing is so did my 40+ year old mother like, Mom_Dancing_to_a_Boombox_clipart_image *love you mom* 😉

This was fundraising concert, celebrating and supporting the twenty three young people who are going to Germany this year on an outreach program through Kenya Music Project. If you don’t know what K.P is, let me take you back to ten years ago.

I was a child, but we are not talking about me. We are talking about a few friends who came up with an idea and went to talk to a pastor about it. The idea was a way to,

  • Connect people literally from opposite ends of the Earth (Kenya and Germany)
  • Grow young people’s lives to reflect a faith that can secure an amazing generation of leaders in the years to come
  • Send young guys as missionaries to the ends of the earth. (Age is not a restriction)
  • Use the arts, and natural God given gifts and talents (Poetry, Dance, Music, Photography, Acting etc.) as a basis for ministry.

And thus like a superhero K.P, was formed! (Thanks Collo) Lol… Fast forward to ten successful years down the road, here we were in an actually quite full service, anticipating the event that had brought over a hundred people out of their homes on a Sunday afternoon. I could hardly sit still because I knew over half the people that were going to be onstage at some point or other.

I watched in quiet amazement as Mamlaka Hill Chapel, the venue filled up almost to the point of people struggling to find a place to sit. Finally after a few minutes past three the two M.C’s who introduced themselves as Ciru and Jonathan explained briefly what K.P is all about then kicked the event off.

There were various dance performances by

  • Sam Muregz, an absolutely amazingly gifted dancer who is passionate about his art. –my mother who didn’t know his name described him as the short guy without bones lol-
  • Jubilee Macharia, the youngest of the dancers but that didn’t hold him back as he twisted and bent different parts of his body, (don’t think far) for the Lord’s glory lol!
  • Roger Twitch, another amazing dancer! The only guy I know personally who can do a freaking midair flip! Him and his dance group were actually the dancers in the music video *Katikia Yesu by Kris Ehh Baba*
  • DICE an up and coming mixed urban dance group, performed their pieces that made the crowd go crazy.
  • PLATINUM, who are actually at this moment, contestants in a local dance competition also left us in awe of the coordinated sync and choreography in their movements of body parts that I personally didn’t even realize existed.

Besides that there were praise and worship sessions that got us moving on our feet to the drum’s beat. Everyone in the band and most of the singers are going to Germany this year. There were a few random, creative games where the winner got credit, or…. Wait for it…. A pair of socks! And a whole speech about how it is a symbol of using your feet to take the gospel to the nations as Jesus commanded in Matthew. It was super creative and fun.

The concert today was free but there was a collection taken up to raise funds for the guys going to Germany this year. They told us their original budget was 1.4million but amazingly it’s come down to 700,000 since then. Even though that’s an amazing testimony, that’s still quite a feat to get to before they leave on the 27th of next month.

We as Christians complain about how dirty and sinful the world is out there, and it’s our job to take the gospel to the unreached of those nations. Of course you can’t uproot your life and everything if that may not be the calling God has placed specifically n your life, but here are twenty something young guys, most of them between the ages of 15 and 25, putting everything on hold to give God a few weeks to share His love with people on a whole different continent!

I personally feel like we, who are staying behind should support them in any way possible, with prayers and even financially. From anything as little as 50 shillings to *if God presses it upon your heart* Kshs. 1,000,000  😛

Believe me, it’s a blessing to be part of a ministry that is radically changing and leading our generation towards Christ!

P.s I wasn’t able to take any pics, but there was a professional photographer (Elijah I’m talking about you lol) and when they get sent to me I’ll post them up….

P.p.s If you would like to support these guys, email, get in touch with me, or drop your offering at Mamlaka and state that the purpose of the offering is for KP 2015…



  1. Collo

    Awesome!..thank you Ciru for the words…they are precise!


    • Hey Collo, glad you approved and hope they brought out what KP is doing :)… It’s Njeri btw lol


  2. short guy without bones? Lol. Thanks though.
    Beautiful piece
    Sam Muregz


    • Hehehe Sam I have a feeling that’s how how you are known by a lot of people cuz of your Giftings lol, glad you liked it…

      Liked by 1 person

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