Goodbye Perrfect Imperrfections!

Dear reader,

Hello, how art thou? I do hope life is treating you well, and halfway through the year you’ve at least achieved one of your new year’s resolutions. *ahem ahem* 
So firstly l want to say thankyou for all the responses I got on the last post, “Why I’m mad at God” which you can read here  if you missed it. It was really cool to find out that I’m not alone and there are quite a few people out there going through struggles with faith and stuff. I think sometimes our questions are stifled which I personally think is one of religion’s biggest faults. 
Though the point is to be able to question and understand our faith enough to test it against the world when the time comes. that’s what I believe anyway. I mean Don’t you think we need to be able to know why we believe what we believe? Anyway, that’s a discussion for another day.
Today, I actually am here to regret to inform you that perrfect imperrfections is ending…
Before you burst into sobs, because I know you love me and this blog that much, and right now you are like,
So since I joined university, I’ve been figuring out my life and it has been super inconsistent resulting in I having not being a very faithful blogger but I am amazed by the support I still got from all my readers and friends. So thank you for that.
 Recently after I closed school I got a blogging internship with this blog called Potentash, you can check it out here
This opportunity has opened my eyes to how much more you can do with writing and it has been a super fun though stretching, and growing experience as well.
One of the things that it has inspired me to do is to grow my blog and expand the things that I talk about so here comes the good news. I am re assessing and adding new content and ideas to this blog in order to grow it.
We have come from far, when last year January I wrote my first Blog post Perfect imperfections and I was pleasantly surprised that people actually enjoyed what I wrote, to now when I want to write things that help ya’al grow more into who you are meant to be. 
I Have a new name, Kamilika which means to be Perfected, or more literally to be completed, or finished. So watch out for new details and information starting next week. So yaaay….
Ohh, if you are a photographer, music person, writer in any way, lover of fashion, food, or any other Art and wouldn’t mind helping me, -and getting your specific work recognized in the process- please hit me up on Facebook inbox or email me, and I’ll give you more info.
So for now…

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