HAPPY 2015! Tattoo and nose piercing! Lady boys and blue highlights! Behind the Face of Grace!

Hello 2015 human being!
What’s new?? I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New years… So today’s post is going to be kind of reflective and I’m going to tell you what’s new with me. Well for one if we are friends you might or might not have noticed I got a nose ring and a tattoo!
Hahaha contrary to what you may think I am not being a rebellious teenager. Hihi but before I get into that I first wanted to explain and dig deeper into my last spoken word, which was called ‘Behind the Face of Grace.’ By the way what did you think of that piece? I would love to know!
I honestly loved writing that piece because it helped me express what I was feeling, which is a lot of disappointment in us as people of Jesus who have such a judgmental spirit. I was having a conversation with my friend the other day and he reminded me how when Jesus was here he didn’t hang out with religious people half as much as he hang out with prostitutes, thieves, and basically the out-rightly messed up and broken…. Yet we sometimes have the “I’m too good for him/her” vibe surrounding us.

I’ve even noticed it with Christians among ourselves. We at times have a proud air, and I absolutely hate it!
I know that’s a strong statement but it’s honestly how I feel… Disgusted that we think we have any right to consider ourselves better than anyone else. That we have any right to judge?! I know we are human and for some reason feeling like we have every right judge other people has run in our blood for ages. From racism, and judging by color, to making someone else feel inferior just so that we feel superior. It’s just something we do and have always done but have no right to.
Okay so let me not get misinterpreted here. I understand that there are things that are wrong, ‘sins.’ I am not saying that we should not speak out to someone who is continuously doing something which you know and they know is harmful to their growth and well being as an individual; but there is a difference between constructive criticism and pure plain judgyness *yes I have made that a word, don’t judge me -pun intended- lol*

So let me give you an example. One of the universal questions I’ve heard as a christian is how do you treat a homosexual.
On my trip to Thailand when I was doing outreach for my DTS I met what they call ‘Lady Boys.’ These are men who all their lives, or from a certain point in their lives believed that they were and are actually meant to be females, so they completely change everything about themselves. By that I literally mean EVERYTHING…
Now what was the first thought that just came to your mind??? It was probably along the lines of ‘disgusting! Gross! Eww! Or that is so wrong on so many levels!’
Which are understandable statements considering you never met them, but do you want t know what the first thought that comes to my mind is hen I think about them?
They were beautiful! Like honestly, they had figures I would kill for, and perfect make-up on that I could never do no matter how hard I tried, and they longed for and sought after love!
Now I know that’s weird but my heart broke for them and with it the realization that they need to hear, see, and feel, the grace of our Jesus who died for them even knowing that they were going to end up like they did because He loves them.
It’s as simple as that, imagine? He doesn’t love them any less because of how broken they are. That my friends, is the true Face of Grace, what Jesus showed. A love that is able to separate the person from the deed, that is able to see the hurt and need, that is able to acknowledge EVERYONE needs to be loved.
A love that is able to hate sin yet love the sinner. That is the face of grace 🙂

Now back to my umm ‘phase’ haha let me quickly try and explain myself because this post has been way long already. Since I was around 10 I always wanted three things when I got older, a nose ring, a tattoo, and to dye my hair blue (lol now I’ll just get blue highlights) and my dad was like when I turn 18 or become an adult I would be able to make the decisions for myself. So I waited, and it gave me time to think about my reasons, motives, and what Jesus thought about it.  I know it is a very controversial issue among believers, especially tattoos and in our culture but here is my advice. Do your research for yourself, ask God for guidance, trust the Holy spirit because the reason He is here is to lead and guide every person individually ultimately to Christ so listen because what He has to say is important. Last and most important Love God and live like you love Him relentlessly!

P.s If you want to ask me about my tattoo feel free.  
P.p.s The guy who did my tat is a Christian and I just found that very cool! 😀



  1. the truth behind everybody’s action on his or her body is squarely their business. i didn’t know their is such a day to celebrate. great piece.



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