Face of Grace

Hello Beautiful people! So the other day I watched a spoken word by Jefferson Bethke entitled “Why I hate Religion but love Jesus.” -I suggest you go watch it because it is amazing!- Okay so today I don’t have much time to post but I do want to share with you a spoken word I wrote recently. I will share a follow up afterwards to explain more about it! 🙂

Grace is hard to define. It is like a never ending line, or a circle
that does not recognize man made hurdles.
Grace is love. Or favor undeserved.
I think of it as a different kind of love
A love that’s weak, a love that’s poor
A love that’s meek and unsure
A love that’s deaf, a love that’s dumb, a love that’s lame
A love that’s considered insane
A love that loves imperfections and considers all the same.
Grace doesn’t like to be seen or mentioned
because grace doesn’t look for attention.
What grace DOES look for is imperfection,
so it overlooks the nails and extensions and digs deeper to the heart, soul, spirit dimension.
Grace doesn’t see the sin, it sees the sinner,
it doesn’t look at anyone as a loser or a winner.
Grace loves you as you are, beggar or farmer, writer or doctor, singer or lawyer, preacher or EVEN stripper.
Grace finds a way to love you when others cant.
When all you can see with your own eyes is worthless, Grace reminds you the truth is you are priceless!
Imagine you were sitting by yourself in a puddle of crap,
while others passed by with their noses held high, Grace jumps in, sits beside you and asks, “What’s up?”
Grace loves you with the mess you’re in, and when you are ready to get out Grace pulls you up and wipes you clean; with the residue of that flipping poo dripping from its shoes!
That’s why I call grace undeserved
Because a love like that? It is simply unheard.
While we judge and criticize, Grace’s heart grows to an xxxxxx Large size.
You see grace has been present through out history, the silent hero in every story.
Grace has never understood some rules made by man because Grace hates legalism.
It sees ordered religion as a form of Plagiarism, because it steals a gift that was meant to be free and gives it a price.
It leaves you blind, unable to see how,
Mercy said no! I’m not going to let you go, I’m not going to let you slip away. You don’t have to be afraid.
Mercy said no! Sin will never take control. Life and death stood face to face. Darkness tried to steal your heart away. Thank you Jesus, because your mercy said
Mercy, so similar to grace that they are practically interlaced;
Both vastly misunderstood, but any definition I could give would be, at best, crude.
But why most of us don’t understand the concept of grace,
is because we don’t realize it has a face.
The face of grace said, “I come not for the healthy but for the weak.”
The face of grace loved a son who rejected His name, went into the world seeking fame, and returning home he came, dejected and ashamed. Of pigs he smelled, yet that didn’t stop the face of grace from running to his son who in his arms he held, without hesitation.
The face of grace saw annoying little kids and said, “Heaven is for such as these.”
The face of grace loved prostitutes! I mean prostitutes?!
If the face of Grace lived today what do you think he would say about gays?
The face of grace called a ‘murderer’ and ‘adulterer’ a “man after his own heart”
The face of grace created all forms of art, including creating you from the dust of the ground.
So the face of grace understands that beauty can in dirt be found.
The face of grace loves deeper than skin.
The face of grace took on a multitude of sin.
Though what leaves me most amazed is a few words the face of grace said.
“I gave myself up for you to live forever, not because of anything you have done, or anything you could ever do,
but simply because I love you…”

So that was it. What did you think?? It’s a very honest piece, and something Jesus knows I have been encountering and learning about a lot recently. I will explain more in my next blog post, but for now comment (I absolutely love getting your feedback) share, follow, and stay blessed! Peace out Ya’al 😀
P.s Sorry no pictures this time lol





  2. Its amazing! The content is heart-warming, the rhyming is great! 🙂
    I hope you get to perform it one day!

    Don't stop writing!!!! ❤


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