Ohh how I have missed you, yes you, reader of my blog post. I know I haven’t posted in forever, but there is an explanation to that hey…. We moved houses to a place called Kiambu county where apparently no wifi access is available. I know, the struggle is real my friend 😛
Thankfully today I am at my wonderful friend, Kimberly’s house and I am stealing her wifi.
Anyway as you may or may not know, the last time I posted I was in the beautiful country of Thailand doing my Discipleship Training outreach. It has been nearly two months but here’s a bit of catch up since then.
 I traveled to the Philippines after Thailand and it was an absolutely amazing experience! Then I went back to South Africa. I officially graduated my DTS on the fourth of September, and I left South Africa on the fourteenth, which also happened to be the day of my birth and the day I became an adult lol!
So I have officially been home for almost a month and yeah, looking towards my future. Whenever someone asks me about university or what’s next my standard reply has become, “I am praying about it” which is actually code for, “I have no freaking idea!” Haha, well yeah I make plans but if there is one thing I have learned it is that life never seems to go the way you planned it so sometimes its just easier to take it one step at a time. 🙂

Enough about me, today’s post is about a way more interesting person so if you have any more questions about me, hit me up on my inbox!
SO I really wanted to post this story, even before I left for outreach because I thought it was the coolest but I wasn’t able to. Anyway I would like to share with you the story of a really beautiful, young South African English friend of mine, -she is like a year older than me- named Rebekah.
Rebekah grew up in a missionary family learning from her parents about living a life of faith. When she was entering her final year of high school her parents felt God’s leading to do a DTS (the missionary school that I was doing) in Hawaii.
Kona, Hawaii is home to the first and largest Youth With A Mission Base. Basically it is the center of all the Ywams around the world.
Rebekah’s parents had been hearing God calling them to do this school for quite a while and kind of postponing it but they felt that in more than a few ways God was telling them to go that year! So they were all psyched, and Rebecca was like, “Yeah cool, mum and dad and Rachel *her big sis* are going to Hawaii, that is cool. I will just stay here and finish school then we see what happens from there.” Because that is the normal thing to do, you finish high school Right??

One of the first things her mum said to her while they were making plans was, “Rebekah listen to God and be sure that He wants you to stay.”
Rolling her eyes, in her head she was probably like, “Duh, I mean why wouldn’t God want me to finish my education.”
Later on during one of their family Bible studies her mum was praying and she saw a picture of Rebecca facing an ocean with her arms raised high in a V shape, and she shared what she saw with her daughter. Then her dad prayed, “Lord please show Rebekah clearly what you want for her, if it’s through a dream, a person, or even a magazine!”
A few days later Rebekah picked up the mail and was going through all the unimportant stuff when she saw a magazine which showed on the cover a picture of a girl facing the ocean with her arms raised in a V shape and the headlines. “COME TO HAWAII!” She could not stop staring at it and thinking about the prayers of both her parents. She prayed more and more and felt God actually give her peace about leaving before she did her Metrics *South African final high school exams* and going with her parents to Hawaii.
Of course lots of people thought she was making a mistake, her teachers for one, and many people probably even told her parents this was not the right thing to do but she knew what God was telling her to do. So they left to Hawaii.
This is the part where she is supposed to have some great encounter and live happily ever after right?
When Rebekah got to Hawaii she was told she was too young to be in the missionary school with her parents and older sister, and there were no people her age to hang around with because everyone was in school and she didn’t know anyone. She basically spent a lot of time taking walks by the beach and had quite a few break downs, asking God why He would take her from her last year of school to doing practically nothing. What was the purpose??
(I love the way she told me this) God answered my question by saying, “Rebekah I brought you here to just be with me. I want you to purely focus on me.”
That completely changed the rest of her time in Hawaii and she never regretted any moment she got to simply spend in His presence.
After her trip to Hawaii she got the chance to do her DTS back in South Africa when she turned 18 and then got an amazing opportunity to do a christian School of Dance in England again under YWAM. Right now she is doing the School of Biblical Studies in Capetown, where I did my DTS, and she told me she is not in a hurry to go finish her exams, for her it is all in God’s timing and she is loving every minute of it. 🙂

I absolutely love Rebekah’s story because it is so against sosciety’s, ‘you cannot succeed in life without education.’ I mean education is good, but again like all things there is more to life than that and everyone has their own unique destiny that they were created to fulfill.
So any questions? Feel free to ask, read, follow, share, and whatever lol
Bye!!!! 😀

P.s I finally found Rebekah’s picture, here she is super pretty and all…



  1. Amen!!!! Wow! Amazing and inspiring story! 🙂


  2. What a cool story. I had no idea what YWAM was until I moved to Guam and some YWAMers came to our church for 2 weeks.


  3. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!! 🙂 Guam? )That's very cool!


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