Beauty in Ashes; Spoken Word

Hello lovely creation! Two posts in one week! Don’t I deserve a round of applause or something?? lol so I just want to say thank you so much to all the people who were super concerned about me after my last post. Just to let you know I am doing better and I have an inhaler with me. So don’t worry 🙂
Now why am I doing this post so soon after the other one? Well as you have probably seen in the title this post is a spoken word piece. I haven’t updated one in a while, actually I haven’t even written one in a while, but from being in this city I feel like God placed this one upon my heart. One of the things I learned in DTS is that different places have different spiritual atmospheres and as soon as my team stepped into Pattaya (the name of the city where we are) I think we all felt the havyness on the city, and it affected us but as we’ve been here longer I have found a kind of beauty even in the brokenness which leads to the spoken word without further a due 😛
(it’s kind of long so hope u don’t get bored)

Beauty in Ashes

We are broken,
In this world we have called home yet so foreign
Man is broken
Filled with pain, anger, hurt, not to mention broken hearts
It’s easy to give in, give up when we fall down
Never again stand up
To feel useless and weak
when we hear world politicians speak about how world peace is all they seek
Truth be told that is never going to happen
because we are human, we are broken
I have seen it with my own eyes,
and the thought makes me want to cry
The world’s brokenness, the sadness, darkness, and heartlessness
it’s all one massive mess!
I see it in the small things
when that little girl sings, and nobody listens
Her heart breaks a little though you may not see through
A small part of her feels like she is not worth listening to.
Or those times when we let our pride get in the way of relationship. Thinking about what is best for me, Our  excuse is “nobody really understands me”
Because honestly I don’t want to see, what you have to say
Your point may be valid, but just not today…
Then there is her. She understands the idea of love but can’t seem to grasp the concept
Because in some passed moment she accepted that she wasn’t worth it
So she believed the lie that all you need is a guy, to know where your beauty lies
and when none showed up she questioned her size, her nose and even the shape of her eyes. Leaving no tiny detail out she criticized…
Then there was him. He had no father figure.
He never learned what it meant to be a man yet he hated being called a boy.
From all the porn no one stopped him from watching he learned that a female is just a toy.
Nothing more, nothing less
Use her until it breaks then leave without making a mess
That is the world’s brokenness
I see it in the big things. stories that tug at your heart strings
Like the pain and loss that death brings
That never ending feeling that someone is missing. Hoping and praying that time passing would cause the aching to start fading and bring healing until you can finally say, “oh death where is your sting?”
I see it in the girl walking on her street near the bar.
All grown up. Tall and beautiful. A star.
To the gentlemen around her.
In this market she has learned to use her assets,
Swaying her hips and pouting her red colored lips,
Batting her eyelashes, until his attention she catches
Pushing her dignity aside, she relies only on her pride
Pulling her close he whispers to her, “you are a beautiful little star.”
She lets him take her home to do with her what he may. His fee was a very small price to pay.
But as he invades her, she tells herself “it’s okay” and lets herself imagine that maybe one day this will be the man that will take her away
She isn’t thinking, or conveniently forgetting the gold band. On his left hand, seems a lot like a wedding ring
This is the world’s brokenness.
He is also a victim. Though it’s easy to judge him. To call him disgusting,
For using a girl who is young enough to be his daughter, for his pleasure
But he has been taught to use her as a toy, solely for him to enjoy.
This is the world’s brokenness.
In so many ways we see it’s face
Like the guy who thinks he needs one more high to be alright,
Or one more beer to get rid of the constant fear.
The girl who just wants to end it all,
Because she is tired of trying to get back up after every fall
I once heard that people are meant to be loved and things are meant to be used, but the problem with the world is that people are used and things are loved.
That is the world’s brokenness.
No wonder we get stressed, the world can be such a mess!
But that’s not it. This is not the ending.
Because somewhere in it’s midst there is a light unending.
Over 2,000 years ago what was broken started mending.
Three words uttered
Irony because it was also just the beginning.
The whole universe could hear darkness groaning, because light had started winning.
Like every super hero story we’ve watched, heard or read.
Good verses evil, and good is always ahead.
After all has been done, after all has been said, that is the hope each human heart holds onto until the very end.
That hope is the light rising from the darkness.
It is the beauty found in the ashes…

I know this was super long, so if you have read until the end. Thanks. There is allot that went into this spoken word and majorly to do with what I have seen in this city. The brokenness, the hurt, and the beauty in it all. God has broken my heart for this people in a way I can’t even put into words but I tried my best. Hopefully in my next post I will explain more about that but for now I have to get back to ministry.

Love y’all and bye for now.


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