Near DEATH, MOST embarrassing moment, and HOMESicK in one WEEK :)

Hello fellow people 🙂 how are you? Or in my new language ‘Sawadica?’ 😛 So I have officially been in Thailand for two weeks! It honestly feels like I have been here two months, it’s crazy like being honest if you are ever told outreach is hard, BELIEVE IT! Because we tend to romanticize being a missionary like “ohh I am going to save the whole world, because they need to know about Jesus and I am going to change their lives.”
It is amazing to have that vision and fire, but also remember there is still room for personal growth. So I am taking a break from my themes and sharing with you a bit about my long short experience here so far. (plus I am supposed to be the team journalist so 2 birds, one stone) You ready for this?

OKkkkaayy! So last week we started our official ministry in Thailand, we were in a place called Fang and we started off with children’s ministry which honestly did not sound like the most exciting thing in the world since we had just done a week of children’s ministry in South Africa, but we put on our stick-with-it faces and did the ministry, teaching the children english and stuff. By the second day I realized that the humid weather was affecting my chest and it was getting uneasy to breathe so I rested that day, then that night I couldn’t breathe at all. My team had to call an ambulance to get me to hospital
I had an asthma attack. Yup my stupid chest almost gave up on me but I got to the hospital on time and I couldn’t move and amazingly the doctors hardly spoke any English which sucked but long story short, I was put under an oxygen mask and an I.V thingy majigy was put into me and after a lot of confusion, the doctors thinking I was having a heart attack and stuff they realized I also had a panic attack, in doctor terms hyperventilation- which by the way- you only see in movies lol now that was not even the end of it.
So while I was in that weird daze I heard my friend Yu-jin telling me about the cute doctors which did not help me because I was thinking about how If I cared about anything besides not dying I probably looked horrible! Plus later while I was lying in the hospital bed I really needed to pee like three different times and since I couldn’t move they had to give me what in docter terms is called a ‘bedpan’ in layman terms its basically a pee bowl, and I will save you the gross details because it makes me cringe just thinking about it but it was not pretty! lol plus quite embarrasing was I was the only black person in the room as well so I wondered if the cute docters thought black people are uncivilized, then I realized that was a stupid train of thought 😉
So the crazy thing is the next day I got another hyperventilation attack at night and the same process was repeated and I had to go back to the hospital… One it was the most pain I had experienced in a super long while! Two if your my facebook friend you saw my status about homesickness, well I think that was the point passed the honey-moon phase where all you want to do is suck your thumb and say “I miss my mummy” but ofcourse because even though you are the youngest on the team everyone else is an adult you have to suck it up and say “Lord Jesus I you better see what am doing and have mansion planned out for me somewhere in my future or else boo me and you are through :P” Jk, you know I love you..
Soo Thursday this week we did another 13 hour bus trip from the north of Thailand to the capital Bangkok, then another 2 and a half hours to a coastal city called Pataya which is where we are now… We started ministry today, working with prostitution and teaching the ladies english which was actually super fun… Plus umm this is random but we have seen a lot of lady-boys (men who become women, very common in Thailand) and to be honest they are beautiful! Literally they make an effort to look gorgeous so you may not even tell the difference, and it would be very easy to judge but being a missionary is about looking for beauty in the ashes, and seeing it even in the brokenness of people!

So right now because we don’t have wifi I am at an internet cafe which I have payed for 1hour worth of use so incase my time runs out I will end here, but am hopefully going to resume with the topics thingy majigy next blog post… Hope you enjoyed and I love you ❤  


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  1. Oh my dear girl! Do you have an inhaler now… or something?! You will be in my prayers – healthwise and ministry-wise! (And I understand how terrible is to be sick on outreach – and you're really sick!) You are a blessing to people. Hugs from SA!


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