Real-ationships: Visa issues (has nothing to do with relationships but the struggle is real)

Hey all!!!! So 1. this post is more than two weeks late.
2. You have every right to be irked (big word lol) by that.
3. I have a very reasonable explanation.
4. I am going to South Africa in two days and I’ve been stressed out of my mind about several different things for the last 2 or 3 weeks.
5. You probably don’t really care lol.
Any-who so I had promised you one more Real-ationships post before we go on to another topic and I was going to get all deep and holy-joe on you and talk about God and stuff πŸ˜› but this post is going to be more of a story, a mini-miracle if you will, so read on…
Soo when I applied for my visa to South Africa about three weeks ago they told me it would take about ten days and I should go back for it on the 24th or any time after which was last Monday. So on Tuesday, bright and early in the morning I go into the embassy feeling all psyched about getting my visa and everything and I walk to the counter where the lady is taking customers. I ask her about my visa, and she’s like “Oh am sory I didn’t tell you before the visa actually takes between 4 and 6 weeks to be processed but we’ll try our best to get it done for you by Friday, so come check then.”
So am like Oh, okay and walk out of the embassy and I actually wasn’t freaking out because she said they would try their best to get it done for me by Friday so maybe my visa would receive kinda special treatment.
Friday comes, and again I go early in the morning so as not to be late and I meet another nicer lady who is like, “sweetie, imagine the visa is, uhh, not yet ready, so I would like you to come back on Tuesday I think it will be ready by then.”
In my head am like, “okay seriously, *sigh* can’t do anything about it so just relax and come back on Tuesday.”
I enjoyed my weekend and everything, telling everyone “oh yea am still leaving next Saturday, -mind you I don’t have a visa yet.-“
On Tuesday morning I went back to the embassy, after telling like all my friends, “ya’al pray for this visa please!!! I was feeling like, ‘alright today is the day.’
So I go into the embassy and am hoping I will meet the nice lady who called me sweetie but she is with another customer so I end up going to the other lady who looks like she is kind of in a bad mood. She takes one look at me asks, “the study permit?” I nod my head and she’s like, “It’s not yet ready, we will call you when it is.” Then she brushes me off and moves on to the next customer leaving me standing there looking confused like wth just happened??
No come back on Thursday, or it’s almost ready, just we will call you when it’s ready, I felt like screaming WHAAT??
So now I came home all confused and we decided with my mum we would go back on Thursday (which as today) if they hadn’t called by then, just to let them know, ehh by the way, kunavenye I need that visa because my flight is in two days.
So for hte final time we went today to the embassy early in the morning and I was honestly FREAKING OUT! Yani paka I had a dream about the visa last night *you know it’s serious when your subconscious gets involved lol* When we reached the gate even the askaris remembered me and were like hujasidiwa bado mrembo? ume kuja mara mingi. (You’ve not been helped yet? You’ve come so many times) then before I could reply, “usi jali, leo uta sidiwa” (don’t worry to day you will be helped)
So I went in with my mum and we went up to the lady at the counter and before she could talk and tell me to go back home I said, “I know you told me to wait to be called, but I am getting kind of worried because I am leaving on Saturday which is in two days.” then ofcourse she was all like “but have you been called?” I replied “no, but…”
“if you haven’t been called then your visa is not yet ready. Β The minimum amount of time it takes is four weeks and the maximum amount of time is eight weeks. so it can take any amount of time between then.”
My mum was like, “so is there anything we can do? at all? Because her ticket is already booked for saturday.”
She shook her head and answered, “why did you book a ticket without having the visa? What if it was denied?” -btw fyi one of the visa application requirements is that you must have proof of a booked flight, so what was she talking about?-
Anyway before we could argue with her more, she waved us off to go and sit down while she dealt with the next customer.
So while I was there sitting down the conversation I was having in my head was, “wow, thank you so much Lord for getting me this far and then leaving me hanging because of one stupid piece of paper! Like seriously? yani after telling everyone am leaving on Saturday, then they find me at home on Monday. Jesus really?” then I got all repentant and was like, “okay Lord you know what just do this for me, it will be a miracle but there’s still time, come on now, aren’t you the one who wanted me to go to S.A in the first place?? Please Jesus. Reward my faith and you’ll get the glory.
Soo a different lady calls me and my mum to the counter and is all like, “umm we have looked through your visa application and it was finished being processed this morning but you did not leave a phone number so we had no way of contacting you.”
The only thing that was registering, my visa had finished being processed? my visa had finished being processed! I was on #cloudnine
In my head I was like, “hyar Jesus? you actually listened to me? like for reals?? #screammmmmmm hahahaha I know I am such a child but still I was so excited I left with tears in my eyes! So long story shor–a little bit less long πŸ˜› I HAVE MY VISA! I know it may not be not such a big miracle to you who is reading this, because it’s like so what? she got her visa, how does that affect my life in any way. Buuut am doing this because I told God He would get the glory if He did it for me, so fulfilling my end of the bargain. It was honestly my small miracle….

So p.s if you haven’t already gathered from this post I am leaving for South Africa on Saturday for a totally new experience, adventure, and learning process… New miracle prayer, that my parents somehow get enough cash to get me a laptop in one day, (tomorrow) because I really need to skype, and blog while am there tihi love ya’al!
P.p.s sory there aren’t any pics or videos in this one


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