Real-ationships: Group post *Twilight inspired*

 Heyyyyyyyyyy so a week late but I have been crazy crazy busy! Sooooo last night me and my friend had a twilight night *Definition of a ‘Twilight night’* -spending the whole night watching all the twilight movies and crying, laughing, being irritated, and having the girly *aawwwwwww* moments. Because we both have never watched it before lol 

So we had a lot of comments about the relationship between Edward and Bella. Personally, I think it was really sweet *dont judge me, twilight haters* but I also think in reality their total dependency on one another would be maybe kinda, umm, just a little bit, uhh what to say… unhealthy? 😛
They literally had no reason for living besides each other. I mean in real life they would have to *with all courtesy* Get a life! But again that doesn’t work in their world because they are technically dead hehe. Besides that I liked the whole idea of Edward not taking Bella’s virtue untill they were married, in a world where guys are all about how much they can ‘tap’ a chick or what they can get from her physically or whatever I think that was really cool to portray. 🙂 
Anyway so right now I am with a group of my girlfriends and they are gonna help me write this post. We are gonna do a post about… actually I don’t really know what this post is about because are going to write their own thoughts down, hehe but let us see where this goes… 
Tu- In relationships we always try to get a person that we have dreamed of. AKA our Edward Cullen but are we being their Bella Swan????  Because i have been waiting for my forever, but i dont know if i am his yet. Because Bella waited an entire movie for Edward (new moon) and i cant wait for more than five hours for a reply to a text. And the fact that i am comparing myself to a vampire love story….is sad. I want reality, but cant afford it! Because fantasy is so close to my heart…..I have loved before, I have been hurt before, and i have died before…so my aim is to become a newborn, an immortal to love! 
(She is referring to the twilight characters for those who don’t get it and haven’t watched it, do you live under a rock? *this coming from someone-me- who watched it for the first time yesterday lol*)
Da- I cant count the  number of times I’ve daydreamed about my prince charming and how I’ve talked about boys with my friends but one day on my way to school i just thought deep down I’ve kinda been lying to myself. Cause honestly if my prince charming came riding on a white horse and asked me to be his one and only i’d probably stand awestruck for like a whole 30 min and then RUN!!!!!

  cause honestly i’m terrified… the thought of trusting someone with my heart terrifies me… in the back of my mind I’m thinking ” But what if he breaks my heart? what if all this love I’m giving is all for nothing…” Maybe its cause of my past? i mean I’ve been disappointed a lot by my dad and i try my best not to use that as a crutch cause a lot of kids have gone through that.. but its hard to patch a wound that the only male figure in your life caused… so after this realization i had to find a way of dealing with this feeling and I came to the conclusion that i cant erase the way I feel based on my abilities… so I have chosen to trust God… He designed my “prince charming” just for me.. and I’m sure He knew I’d feel this way even before I would.     

Ku- My take on relationships may differ from other people, for me as long as you both love each other and trust each other and God is the foundation of it all you are good to go. One thing that irritates me that many people need to understand, is that a relationship is between two people and not the whole world. If they are happy you should be happy for them. 
Ta- I’ve been in a couple relationships in the past and learnt a few things from them, for example it’s not advisable to rush into a relationship until you’ve gotten to really know the person.Once you’ve acquired a friendship with the person, you can then think about being in a relationship with each other. A lot of people who date their best friends mostly tend to have a long healthy relationship because you generally know everything there is to know about each other.

  (tihi) I don’t think i’d want to get into another relationship anytime soon until i’m completely sure this is the man God wants me to spend the rest of my life with. In the meantime I’d just want to be really good friends with guys and just get to know them.

Ki- Relationships, haha.. what??… that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. Honestly, relationships are work. You have to commit, change your priorities, compromise, be considerate, trust, and well,  most of all love. What I don’t like is when people rush into relationships knowing that it won’t last. Personally, I’m ” forever alone ” until I can completely be myself with the person, and until I can love this person fully. Also, I’m not looking for my other “half”.. After all, I was not born a half. LOL.. haha. 
To me, until I love myself completely, I can’t love another person wholly. My advice to others, love yourself first, don’t look for love in others.

I am so proud of these ladies for being honest 😀 Can ya’al relate?
So one more Real-ationships post coming up next week, then ideas for new topic? inbox, text, comment, follow, and like perrfect imperrfections on facebook… By lovelies, have an amzing -rest of weekend-…

I am in love with this song 😛 (my friend Natalie showed me, who btw is also a really cool blogger, here is the link to one of her blogs 🙂


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