Real-ationships: Behind Why I Wait

Hello! 🙂 so this is me blogging even though I am super sleepy from having  such a busy week, you know with trying to finish school and all -btw not easy- :P…. Anyway first I would like to say thankyou for reading last week’s blog. What I want basically for all my spoken words and blogs and stuff is that if you read them you find them relate-able, so having feed back from you is amazing in letting me know that I’m not a boring writer… Also I will share exciting news at the end of this post…. Okay so now onto last week’s blog, if you read it, then you know I did the whole spoken word letter to my future husband thing, so after I wrote it I read it for my mum, and you will never guess what she asked next? okay you probably will… “Kwani you’re lonely?” her sentiments exactly. lol in my head I was like ‘seriously?’ so I am going to kind of explain myself in this post and answer two things that probably went through your head when  you read the blog… The first one is
“You’re only 17!!!!”
Okay here is my response to that, yes I know I am only 17 and in some people’s views that may be way too young to think about marriage and I should enjoy life man but this is what I think. It is never too early to start praying for the rest of your life. If there is some guy out there who I am going to spend my WHOLE life with then knowing He is out there makes me just wanna pray. I know it’s random but sometimes I even say a little prayer like, ‘Lord if he got hurt playing a sport today then please heal him,’ or ‘please show him I am waiting for him’ or ‘if there is some girl trying to get her hands on him then keep her off! *lol just kidding, I’ve never said that prayer*  But do you realize the generation we are living in? The rate of divorce is like sky rocket high, like half of my friends don’t live with both of their parents and soon vows will be exchanged from “till death do us part” to “till I feel like I don’t love you any more?” I, for one, am not going to take that chance, so praying for my future guy seems like my best bet, because that way I can tell God, “yo, I ain’t the one who chose him, you chose him for me so like you gotta help me deal with his imperfections” 🙂
Now onto number two
“So you’re not gonna date until some prince charming comes along?”
Okay, you may have gotten confused here, OFCOURSE I am going to date, how else will I get married? Buuut, what I am praying for is that my first will be my last and I think my plan is friendship first mostly because I want to end up with my best friend, someone I can be super stupid around and they won’t even care, secondly date a guy with who I can see myself getting married to. I really don’t understand the yolo type of dating where it’s just for now, or “let’s see where it goes” this is is just my opinion but if you don’t know where your going, what’s  the point? Thirdly and most importantly Jesus must be the center! Because my life revolves around him, then it would be soo weird (and that’s an understatement)  dating a guy whose life doesn’t.
“So am I wrong to be dating?”
So I am not saying to all those lovely people who are in a relationship that it’s wrong. I honestly don’t think there is a right or wrong age to start dating, you have seen all those high school sweethearts who are now married with a bunch of kids and I find that super sweet. So what I am saying though, is knowing there is something worth the wait makes the waiting worth while. So whether it happens tomorrow, next year, or in five years I am totally happy waiting, and LiViNg my LIFE.  Because there is so much more to life, family, friends, Jesus (*I know it’s cliche but* my first love), also my dreams and stuff. Soo it’s not like I am lying in bed every night singing *sigh* “Lonely, I am soo lonely, I’ve got nobody, all on my own” (lol remember that song #oldiegoldies)  

Okey-dokey so if you have any more questions let me know… So about the exciting news, I have gotten so many people asking to me to share certain things on this blog… So I am creating a facebook page, sometime this weekend… A place where you can share your stuff with everyone else, poems, quotes, questions on any of the subjects discussed on the blog… It will just be Perrfect Imperrfections on facebook, so please like it, it will also help me have an official place to share when there is a new blog 🙂 Now have an amazing night lovelies and dream of sugar and spice and everything nice 😛 Am Out! P.s this amazing song that has everything to do with this topic, go listen like now!… (Hide Your Love Away by Anthem Lights)



  1. LOL….ati kwani u r lonely.dont i jst luv ur mum…bt nway av kinda randomly become ur fan…super grt pieces.keep up.nnn ummmh kp praying 4 that guy,he needs it.


  2. Njeri, I love you! :* Rock on, sister girl! You're not alone! 😉 #LadiesInWaiting!


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