Real-ationships: WHY I WAIT

Hey ya’al! Happy VaLeNtInE!! Yea, I said it, HAPPY valentine. If your not smiling you better start now, or else don’t read the rest of this post until you lift the corners of your mouth. 😛 Before anything else, I want to check up on the homework from the last post? If you have been writing something good about yourself down every single day, great job! You can let me know if it is helping. Now I really have no idea what your views are about today.  You may think it is a very pointless holiday, you may hate it because all your friends are coupled up and you’re single,  you may not even know today is a holiday, If you are a guy you might be thinking, “Oh snap, I have to go out and buy things for my girl? Like seriously? Not now, am broke. Or you might be all excited about having someone to call your valentine this year. 🙂 I think for me it is a day just like any other day, beautiful where I am, even though it is a bit cloudy and I want to enjoy every second of it. Don’t hate but to be honest I am probably more excited that it is a Friday, than it is valentines lol. Any-who I have been working on a small piece that I want to share with you, it is like a letter and umm… I uhh… dont know what else to say, so just go ahead and read it and tell me what you think 🙂
Dear guy am waiting for
So waiting, patiently waiting…
The clock is ticking and I am sitting here waiting
I don’t want to start complaining but you’re late
According to every romantic comedy, not to mention fate
It’s that time of the year where you are meant to be here
I won’t let this be a year of tears or fears that I am not good enough for you
But then again it’s so lonely just sitting here waiting for you
Okay, maybe you are going through the exact same thing
But.. on the other hand while I’m here waiting you could be out there experimenting, dating, and creating a past that might affect our future.
Truth is, well according to every chick flick I have ever watched,
If you and I are meant to be, we are meant to be
It’s just our destiny
So God seriously?
Why make us wait?
Maybe I am just a hopeless romantic who can’t help feeling this way
I want my happily ever after like, yesterday
I feel like this wait is some kind of test to prove that I love You
I forget God knows what’s best even more than I think I do
So when He created you, being the almighty amazing creator that He is, 
I am going to assume He had me in mind
Giving me a glimpse of what lies beyond the skies, 
He sprinkled a twinkle of joy in your eyes
To cheer me up every once in a while
He wrinkled lines around your over used smile
Strong willed enough to lead me
Yet soft-heart ed enough to hold me… when I cry
Did I mention you are fly? 😛
But you are more than just looks, personality and character define you.
You are not afraid of letting God guide you
And every day you renew yourself, unto Him anew
My weaknesses, strengths and yours complement
And what I don’t like about myself you find a way to compliment
You never forget to remind me, that God is at the center of you and me
Whoever we are meant to be
I love how our hands entwine
In a way only He could design
And your heart of gold, filled with the love you unfold
each and every day, in tiny human ways
I pray I don’t take you for granted and
I know you are not perfect, 
Neither am I, far from it
We are both perfectly imperfect
Just the way God intended it
That’s probably why I am waiting here, and you are… wherever you are
near, or far?
It isn’t fate which decides, It is God who presides
Over time
He is still preparing you for me
I am a work in progress
It isn’t randomly destiny
being made into what God knows you will find lovely, even… worthy
So I wait because I know if you are even half as good as God promised me you are, then you are worth it
Again perfectly imperfect
So I will suck it up, and watch as everyone else couples up
Because I decline to settle for anyone who
is not you
If this is war I refuse
This is one battle I am not going to lose
Because it is not my fight
The castle of my heart is locked up tight
And only you know that when the time is right
The only way you will find the key is by looking for it in Christ
                                                               From: Your  your lady in waiting

So what do you think? Was a bit mushy and stuff, but hey am a girl 😉 anyway Starting a new series called Real-ationships, more info coming up next week! Have a lovely weekend and never let one day affect how you feel about yourself… Jesus loves you :* xxx



  1. You should check out the song, “Dear No one” by Tori Kelly 🙂


  2. Omg Natzy!!! I am in love with that song now… downloading it and everything, and your post “imitating the love guru” I ❤ it ,gonna link it in my next post 🙂


  3. Wow…! What a blessing 😀 Not too mushy though! I bet there are a few who are bold enough admit that it is true to all–both ladies and gentlemen. But wow! Never stop writing. It's part of why God put you on Earth. God bless!


  4. Shingai!!!!! Omg when you showed me the first draft i was like “Whoa what can you possibly do to improve it???!!!” but this…!!! #SPEECHLESS 🙂


  5. Ohh,hey Dan! It's totally encouraging to hear u say that 🙂 Thankyou… Aww shazz lol thankyou sweetheart! xx


  6. OH MY GOODNESS!!! It's Feb 20th, I just happened upon your blog, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Do you spoken word?? HU-NAYY! You should!! 😉 God bless you, fair LadyInWaiting 😀 You're in good company! *wink!* haha Hugg*




  8. Wow, I just stumbled upon this, and I felt a strong need to comment, this is AMAZING, you are really talented, and this is very beautiful, and it is even more beautiful that you use your talent to convey the message of God. I am stunned :), God Bless You!


  9. Thank you soo much! Am honestly humbled that ya'al appreciated it…


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