Perfect Imperfections interviews (B)

Hello you 🙂
Happy Thursday! (is that a thing? …Oh well ) I know I was supposed to do part B last weekend Sunday but I got so busy with school and everything, sorry 😦
Anyway, I just have to say again… everybody, and I mean EvErYbOdY has insecurities… You may be one of those people Who look at this and think nkt puh-lease #aintnobodygottimeforthat (i should really make that my catch phrase, I think it has been in every post :P) and when I interviewed the boys the first response most of them had was, ‘am a guy, I don’t have insecurities.’ That’s a mindset that the world has shown us. Who said if you are a guy you shouldn’t show any sign of weaknesses?
So I had to dig really deep to get some of the few things that guys struggle with. If you relate to any please let me know or if others come to mind. I really would like feedback…
Enjoy… Guys response
(Q.1) What are your biggest insecurities? (Q.2) Is there a situation where your insecurities have made you feel stupid? (Q.3) As a teenager or young guy how do you deal With your insecurities?

Mark (age 18) 1. “I don’t have any insecurities.” *I had to press him before he finally admitted* “Okay I don’t know if this is an insecurity but I guess am not committed enough. Like in a relationship, I feel kind of scared that I am not with the right girl, and not to sound like a jerk but what if another girl who i like better comes along and i don’t want to be a jerk and break anyone’s heart so yea. 2. I feel stupid when I start a relationship and later on feel like it’s not working and wonder why I started it in the first place because I could have avoided all that drama and stuff of breaking up. 3. “I still don’t think I have any insecurities, but I guess if I did I would act like they didn’t exist.

Tanne (19) 1.I think for me it would have to be in a relationship when the chick (lady) happens to be more financially, or emotionally stable than I am. Like basically threatening my position as the guy in the relationship, and/or as the provider. 2. I think the insecurity itself is kind of stupid because now days with all the women empowerment and stuff I cant have the final say in everything, I need to remind myself that I cant have the final say in everything. 3. Be a man and cover it up.

Laney (18) *not relevant but he was sitting next to his girlfriend when answering these questions, so bravo for the honesty :p* 1. Not knowing enough, because I am scared if I don’t become as smart as I should be then I wont use my fullest potential and ill just have wasted time. 2. I feel stupid when I don’t know enough like in a conversation, and everyone seems to know what they are talking about but me. I feel un-smart? 3. I try to fix my own insecurities.

Kim (16) *but super mature for his age* 1. I think my insecurity is closely related to my fear that those closest to me will reject me. I love my dad but we as a family had a few issues and we left him so since it was my mum, me, and my sisters; I had to take the role of the ‘man’ in the family and I am kind of scared that I wont do a very good job at it, that I wont be the man that I am supposed to be in society. 2. When I allow myself to trust someone who later on betrays that trust. 3. By taking that role of a man and keeping it in, I feel like I have to show the world that I am in control so they don’t see inside.

Damon *not vampire diaries :p* (18)1.Not being as excellent as I know I could have been, and I beat myself up over it. Am also scared of losing people closest to me, especially losing friends because of my faith. Like I am way ‘too holy’ for them? 2. When I see talented people who have achieved so much and feel like, seriously? what have I been doing with my life? 3. I think the only way I can deal with them, personally is releasing them to God because I feel like He is the only one who can deal with them. Oh and I have a randomly close relationship with my mum so sometimes if I am struggling with such issues I turn to her life experience.

Benny (18) 1. Rejection about who I am from the world outside my comfort zone. 2. I can’t remember a time when it made me feel stupid. 3. I accept it as a part of who I am.

Sooo give it up for the boys! Thay are not that many for now but for some of the girls who are reading this and thinking some of their comments may be a bit petty, like they don’t know what we go through with body image issues, all the pressure the media puts on us to look like a supermodel, and how all our emotions seem to go from A to Z sometimes faster than you can say the word ‘insecurity’ just think about this; from what I get from a lot of these responses, guys also get a lot of pressure to be the ‘man’ the world tells them they need to be. At least we are allowed to bowl and cry our hearts out with our best friend, or blame PMS, 😉 but they feel like they have to be the strong one, in control of the situation, and never show the weakness that is hidden inside. Kind of like living in a ‘if you cant see it, it doesn’t exist’ world. Don’t get me wrong, this also happens to girls but I think that particular type of pressure may be a bit more for them. Guys if I am misrepresenting you, please comment and tell me, or if you have any other insecurities to add.
Now I am grateful to all the people who willingly participated in this questionnaire. Personally it is so much easier to go through something knowing I am not the only one, like insecurities 🙂 now I didn’t ant to be boring and talk so much about myself but if ya’al Want to hear my own insecurities and therapy-needing-issues let me know and I will post them hopefully this weekend, if not I guess the next post will be next weekend. I am working on something and I may have a special valentines spoken word post thingy majiggy but I guess just wait and see 😀 Again thanks soo much for reading, following, posting, sharing, commenting. YoU are 4ever awesome, and never forget it 🙂  

P.s my friend also did a really awesome spoken word about perfections and imperfections, its a-mazing, please go check it out Thank you!



  1. It's nice to see guys have just as many (relateable) insecurities as guys when they aren't covering it up with the whole “tough guy” image


  2. LOL, I meant as girls


  3. Aaaaaaawwww soooo nice!!! #hint hint!! hehehe…i know who was who…sssshhhhh, dont tell anyone!!


  4. @Mwayitsi, nkt!!!


  5. haha ikr?! #wearenotalone 😀


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