Perfect Imperfections Interviews (A)

Hello ya’al!! First off thank you so much for all the support and views on my previous blog post. I am super psyched that I at this moment have 293 views! That is really cool and over the week I kept checking to see how many views I had gotten so far and it kept adding, so I was feeling kind of proud of my self untill my friend told me that every time I check the post it is added as a new view *whoops* lol. So because of my checking the blog like twenty something times I am going to assume I have about 268 views (293-25) which I still think is amazing so thank you. Also your supportive comments and sharing this blog and following me, love you for that. Besides that I was amazed by how many people actually related to my spoken word, I got in-boxes and texts about how it explained exactly how they felt. I honestly thank God with all my heart if He thought I was worthy enough to make a difference with just words. So I decided if we are, at times all going through the same thing, we really don’t have to struggle alone because #ain’tnobodygottimeforthat 🙂
This weekend I had quite a few of my friends over for a sleepover, and during that time I interviewed a number of them on insecurities, as a mini survey to see if my insecurities are a copyright of yours or like a thousand times different.
I asked three different questions to both the guys and girls (due to requested confidentiality I will mention fake names but I promise these are real people) about insecurities, and though some were not able to answer all the questions here are the responses I got…  Girls response
(Q. 1) What are your biggest insecurities? (Q.2) Is there a situation where your insecurities have made you feel stupid? (Q.3) As a teenage girl, or young lady how do you deal with your insecurities?

Tara (age. 16)   1. Hiding who I really am because I am scared people may not like the true me. Like not giving my opinion or suggestion because I just feel like it is not good enough. 2 I feel stupid about being insecure. Like I am supposed to be this confident person but it doesn’t happen. 3 I deal with my insecurities by letting trusting specific people with them, who I know won’t let me down.

Wams (age. 17)  1. Constant irrational fear. Feeling so tired with everything in life, it has caused thoughts of wanting to end it all. 2 Feeling stupid about how helpless Fear causes me to feel. 3 how I deal with it is learning to give it to Jesus, knowing that I cant handle it on my own. Its hard, but I am learning.

Kinny (age. 17) 1. Body image! I am scared of being judged, even though I am mostly the one who underestimates myself. 2 I feel stupid when i freak out about doing something in public because I don’t feel good enough then I actually do it and it turns out better than I expected. So why was I freaking out? 3 trying to figure that out.

Faith (age. 19) 1. Where do you want me to start? I guess sometimes I don’t feel beautiful. 2 I feel stupid when I like a guy who doesn’t like me back, like what is wrong with me? 3 I don’t like talking about it, keep it in unless I really really really trust you. I also try to pray about it sometimes.

Nadia (age 21) 1. Boys! One day they are telling you they love you, the next day don’t even talk to you *or find you too clingy*  2 I feel stupid when I allow a guy to hurt me and make me feel worthless. 3 To avoid getting hurt I try to be in control of the situation *or relationship* so it doesn’t turn against me. I also write in my journal.

Tammy (age 16) 1. Being vulnerable! i hate it when i bear myself to someone and its like now they have something they can use against me. 2 I feel stupid when I try to figure out someone and think I can trust them only to find out later that they are not what they appeared to be. 3 I try to ignore my insecurities, like they don’t exist…

Dawn (age 20) 1. There are quite a few, but not feeling as talented and/or smart as I should be. and also majorly to do with guys, I don’t trust them easily. It probably started with growing up with my dad who would not keep his promises. I got so used to him saying he would do something which he didn’t do that now when a guy tells me something I feel like i shouldn’t allow myself to completely believe them. 2 When I allow myself to get too comfortable and let out more than I should about myself with people I don’t really trust, especially guys and I feel so…. so exposed. 3 I don’t let people in easily to protect myself and I remind myself to find my own identity in Christ, stay true to me.

Klaire (age 14) 1. Boys and body image. I feel like whether you like it or not the guys you pick are usually like your dad. Since my dad wasn’t exactly there for me my whole life. I tend to pick the wrong guys, and I kind of feel incomplete, or insecure when I am not dating anyone.

Winnie (age 14) 1. Insecure about talking about my insecurities!

Okay so that has been way longer than expected and that was only the girls interviews, but I felt that I couldn’t leave any out  because they are different situations but all somehow related. I loved how honest every one was being and expressing themselves. Its really late so even though I have the guys (males) interviews I think I will post them in (part B) hopefully tomorrow. I really hope you enjoyed reading and could relate to some of the things that were said, if you have anything to add please feel free to comment, if you want to continue reading about it feel free to follow me 🙂 and if you know someone who this can help, feel free to share… Thank you!




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